Alethia Barker

For one who has served only one five-year term in political office, Alethia Barker bears all the traits of a seasoned veteran. 

The former Managing Director of Central Parks and Markets, has demonstrated a zest for infrastructural reform within her constituency. 

Although she agrees that there is much more to be done, she has already addressed multiple needs within the various communities.  

In the area of water improvement, she has erected 11 community tanks, issued over 600 water tanks and implemented a new water supply system to serve Crescent/Dam Head, Salmon Heights, Gutarez, and Buxton Town. 

Over 30 miles of roadway have been patched and in education every school within the constituency has been repaired. In addition, she built the Friendship Primary School. 

Her list of achievements also include the upgrading of the Point Hill, Ebonyvale and Wakefield community and training centres and the installation of seven miles of electricity to serve Mexico, Coolshade, sections of Buxton, Cudjoe’s Hill and Stone Hill. Thirty-seven new street lights were also put in across the constituency. 

A Kingstonian by birth, Comrade Barker grew up in the Jamaica capital and enjoys music, reading, creative writing, dancing, and holistic medicine.  

She attended St. Anne's Primary, Convent of Mercy Academy (Alpha), Jamaica Institute of Management and Production, the University of the West Indies, and Nova University.