Barbara Clarke

Barbara Ann Clarke may best be described as a seasoned fighter and supporter of solid local development policies, programmes and initiatives, having been involved in struggling for these over the last six years of her involvement in representational politics. 

Her commitment to community development has seen her being involved in many civic and community clubs and organisations, among them the Orchid Club, the Optimist Club and the St. Anthony’s Children’s Home. 

Comrade Clarke knows that she can represent the people of North Central St. Andrew with vigour and purpose. At 53, the former veteran of the airline industry is gearing up for a long stay in North Central St. Andrew where she hopes to deliver her constituents from a lengthy period of inadequate representation. 

Businesswoman Clarke was born on July 14, 1949 in Westmoreland. Her childhood years were spent St. Ann with the companionship of four siblings. She received her education at Claremont Primary, and Wolmer's High and is a member of Saxthorpe Methodist Church. 

Apart from her long association with Air Jamaica, she has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Elegant Traders Limited. 

Clarke, who enjoys lawn tennis in her spare time, has identified education and gainful employment as imperative visions for her constituency. 

Barbara Clarke is ready to aid in and work towards the reformation and improvement of the institutions, and infrastructure within her constituency. Although she assumed the position of candidate recently, she has shown tremendous zest in her goals to improve the quality of life for her constituents.