Basil Burrell
Construction of the Longville Housing Scheme in South East Clarendon is one of the many projects undertaken by sitting Member of Parliament for the constituency, Basil Burrell. 

Comrade Burrell can also speak loudly and clearly about his ability to turn other dreams into reality. They include the removal of the Mineral Heights Dump, the opening of the Hayes factory space, rehabilitation of the Monymusk to Rocky Point main road, and the construction of the Old Harbour By-pass. 

Comrade Burrell is involved with numerous initiatives, groups, and organisations that aim to advance civic, community, and national development. He has served as Councillor, Constituency Chairman, coordinator and sponsor of youth club and community projects/programmes, Chairman of the Planning and Development Committee of Clarendon Parish Council, and South East Clarendon representative to RADA.  

He was born on March 29, 1965 at Palmer's Cross, Clarendon and attended Cross All-Age, Garvey Maceo Comprehensive High, Vere Technical High, and the Tool and Die-making Institute.  

He enjoys playing Football and dominoes.