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East Westmoreland
Carrol Jackson
North East St. Ann
Aloun Ndombet-Assamba
South East St. Ann
Glenville Shaw
South West St. Ann
Arnold Bertram
North West St. Ann
Esmond Harris
North Trelawny
Doreen Chen
South Trelawny
Donald Rhodd
East Portland
Errol Ennis
West Portland
Morais Guy
Central St. Mary
Harry Douglas
South East St. Mary
Neil McGill
West St. Mary
Victor Cummings
Central Kings ton
Phillip Paulwell
East Kingston & Port Royal
Joseph Witter
West Kingston
Peter Phillips
East Central St. Andrew
Oliver Clue
East Rural St. Andrew
Colin Campbell
Eastern St. Andrew

Barbara Clarke
North Central St. Andrew
Leonard Green
North East St. Andrew
Nenna Wilson
North West St. Andrew
Omar Davies
South St. Andrew
Maxine Henry-Wilson
South East St. Andrew
O. T. Williams
St. Andrew West

Carol Archer
West Rural St. Andrew
Patrick Roberts
West Central St. Andrew
Portia Simpson-Miller
South West St. Andrew
Leopold Hylton
Central Clarendon
Horace Dalley
North Clarendon
George Lyn
North Central Clarendon
Richard Azan
North West Clarendon
Basil Burrell
South East Clarendon
Charles Learmond
South West Clarendon
Homer White
Central St. Catherine
K.D. Knight
East Central St. Catherine
Phyllis Mitchell
North East St. Catherine

Robert Pickersgill
North West St. Catherine

Fitz Jackson
South St. Catherine
Sharon Hay Webster
South Central St. Catherine
Paul Robertson
South East St. Catherine
Jennifer Edwards
South West St. Catherine
Alethia Barker
West Central St. Catherine
John Junor
Central Manchester
Dorothy Miller
North East Manchester
Dean Peart
North West Manchester
Michael Peart
South Manchester
Stanley Redwood
North West St. Elizabeth
Lenworth Blake
South East St. Elizabeth
Roger Clarke
North East St. Elizabeth
Donald Buchanan
South West St. Elizabeth
Lloyd Hill
East Hanover
Ralston Anson
West Hanover
Donald Colomathi
East Central St. James
Gordon Brown
North West St. James
Derrick Kellier
South St. James
Hugh Solomon
West Central St. James
Wykeham McNeil
West Westmoreland
Karl Blythe
Central Westmoreland
Fenton Ferguson
East St. Thomas
Anthony Hylton
West St. Thomas