Carrol Jackson

Carrol Jackson is confident that her second attempt at elective politics will result in the sweet taste of success. 

Born on December 4, 1957, Mrs. Jackson, the sixth of eight children, attended the St. Annís Bay Primary, Claremont Primary, York Castle High, Brownís Town Community College, and the College of Arts Science and Technology. . Businesswoman and mother of four, this devout Methodist has achieved much within the business, community, and political spheres. 

She has served as a member of Ambassadorís Sports Club, member of Seville Sports Club, President of the Columbus Preparatory Teacherís Association, Chairman of the Priory Primary School Board, member of the Tourism Product Development Company Board, Chairman and Councillor of the Ocho Rios Division, and Treasurer of the constituency of North East St. Ann. 

It is her vision that North East St. Ann will become a richly blessed and diverse constituency with an economic base grounded in tourism, agriculture, small business and an emerging entrepreneurial class.  

She sees her role as working to maintain the economic balance of the various sectors and helping to facilitate the full potential of the constituency and its people. Her ultimate vision is to make a difference in peopleís lives, and work towards and for the success of the people. 

Carrol Jackson has been instrumental in implementing several projects in the constituency of North East St. Ann.  

She has been associated with the successful expansion of schools; a new sewage system for the Ocho Rios area; the repair of several roads; construction of a transportation centres, improvement of the St. Ann's Bay Hospital; and upgrading of the facilities at Dunn's River Falls.