21st Century Mission

The P.N.P. has been central to every major advance
made by the Jamaican people.

This was the case with regard to the struggle for Universal Adult Suffrage in the 1930s and 1940s. It was also the case in the 1950s when the Party further challenged the existing colonial order by opening up educational opportunities for all the people and laid the foundation for self-government and subsequent Independence.

During the 1970s, the P.N.P. spearheaded the most widespread social reforms ever experienced. They fundamentally transformed the character of "plantation society" through far-reaching legal reforms, providing among other things, equality for women, and new rights for children, workers and the poor.

Throughout its history, the P.N.P. has consistently sought to empower the Jamaican people, by means of expanded economic and social opportunities and increased participation in political decision making.

The new century poses new challenges in a global context, which is markedly different, and which has affected the capacities of states (and especially small states), to control their own domestic markets, to determine the structure of global markets and to shape the international
political order.

At the same time, the transformation of the Jamaican society and economy over the past decades has been such as to generate new expectations and demands.

The Party, therefore, cannot escape the crucial need to re-orient its thinking if it is to remain relevant and brace itself to meet the challenges of a new century and the third millennium.


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