21st Century Mission

It is no accident that the oldest Political Party in the Caribbean has been the one chosen by the people of Jamaica as the best choice for the third millennium.

Subject to the rigorous test of time and the vicissitudes of changing political fortunes, the People’s National Party has proven enduring and vibrant because it was founded upon values that remain perpetual and the rock of democratic organisation. It has been at one and the same time, unwavering in purpose and, yet, the most active catalyst for change.


It has remained exciting and relevant, due largely to its rich tradition of dialectical ferment and a formidable organisation structure that permits wide outreach, within and beyond our national borders.

The P.N.P. is renowned for its capacity to be self-critical and its willingness to pause at crucial times, such as this, to assess how best to achieve our fundamental goals.

As was the case in 1938, so now, the true liberation of all the creative energies of our people, to trigger economic growth and social advance must constitute the pillars on which we rest our platform for political action in the 21st Century.

With each passing day, we remain convinced that political modernisation and total national development require the focus of our collective intelligence, translated into positive action, so as to realize the intrinsic worth of every Jamaican, at home or abroad.

The dawn of the new millennium imposes a historical obligation on the P.N.P., a Party of destiny, to undertake a critical analysis of the prevailing environment - domestic and external; to evaluate existing policies, programmes and political approaches. This is essential in a world where change is the only constant.

A new Paradigm is required

As it challenged the inequities of the plantation system, resisted the persistent obscenities that followed the ravages of slavery, as it struggled against the yoke of colonial oppression, the P.N.P. is summoned to ensure the demise of the last vestiges of an old order, closed, distant and remote.

It must be the architect of "a structure which is inclusive, responsive and accountable to the new, proud, informed, assertive Jamaican citizen of the 21st Century."

The People’s National Party must be vanguard of progress, shaped by the deep and profound changes that are taking place globally and at home.

The effects of globalisation, as it unfolds and takes hold of every aspect of the social and economic life, must be met with new attitudes, and a more determined resolve not merely to survive, but also to reap our fair share of its inherent benefits.

As a Party, we are blessed with a rich tradition of excellence in governance and a superb track record of landmark achievements.

Ours is a history from which we can draw inspiration, derive courage and fortitude to face the future.

But it is clear that as we go forward, we must remain true to our historic role as the social conscience of the nation and the defender of the rights of all citizens.

We must re-commit ourselves to relentlessly pursue the cause of greater social equity and seek to create more opportunities for the upliftment of our people.

We must never lose sight, however, of the quest for the quality society which we have pledged to build.

Above all, we must reassert the absolute necessity for all Jamaicans to strive towards a unity of purpose, which embraces the core values of decency, civility, cooperation and concern for our fellow man.

The search for excellence in all our endeavors must be the pivot around which we build.

The Century 21 Document encompasses these precepts. It is intended as the torch, which will illuminate our path, as we soar into the skies of the new century and the third millennium.

Once again the Trumpet sounds.

                                                                                           P. J. Patterson


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