21st Century Mission

The ultimate purpose is to increase the information available to citizens and to improve the quality of services offered by the state.

This concept will extend to developing an e-party and e-society.

This policy embraces a recognition that information is critical to governance.

Going forward, the Party as well as the government and the non-governmental community, must take those steps which are possible within existing resources, to promote a culture of production, achieve economic growth and foster employment and social well being.

This will require significant attitudinal changes, which has to be led by the Party, acting both on its own and as part of a wider progressive alliance.

We must:

  • seek to empower people to develop into citizens, who are literate, have respect, love discipline, appreciate technology and accept the value and satisfaction of service and hard work;
  • show in word and by the example of its Leaders, that education is the only road to personal upliftment. By our influence on popular and informal forms of education we must gently and resolutely insist on uplifting a change of behavioral and cultural patterns;
  • narrow the gap between the upper and lower end of the economic spectrum by deliberate government policy and action;
  • set the example not just in wage practices, but in its programme of training and re-training, as the government is the major employer of labour.
These are the principles to which the
People’s National Party must commit itself
as we embrace the new paradigm and thereby
provide the best leadership
in the 21st century.

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