21st Century Mission

The Party must strengthen its outreach capacity to enable it to reconstitute a more generalized movement of "progressive" forces, including other sections of the population, which may not be members of the Party, but who share our general commitment to empowerment and modernization. These could include critically, the NGO community, the academic community, organised labour, farmers and their various interest groups, the artistic and cultural community, and other organised groups.

There needs to be a clear cut, mutually supportive and reinforcing relationship between the Party and the Government, where the Party does not lose its own distinct identity.

The political education programme must be expanded and revamped within the Party to ensure an understanding of globalisation and the challenges that it poses for the Partyís mission of empowerment.

The Party needs to pay particular attention to its role as monitor of the performance of government in the various communities.

The matter of accountability and transparency in the administration of public policy and the Nationís resources must be given greater emphasis.

Much greater effort must be paid to ensure that all major policy initiatives of the government, e.g. telecommunications policy, or transport policy receive full discussion at all critical levels of the Party including the NECs and RECs to facilitate the Party to articulate and defend government policies.

The Partyís commissions, specifically, Communications and Outreach, Policy Review, Political Education, the Womenís Movement and the Youth Organisations, need to expand their outreach activities to encourage dialogue and debate with other progressive organisations and sections of the society.

The Party must also raise the profiles of the Commissions, so as to facilitate their development; and as a means of communicating with the wider society, on the matters within their purview.

The Party should immediately establish a task force to review and eliminate all non-essential and/or wasteful activity during budget preparations. Each department and agency should be reviewed on the basis of "zero budgeting" criteria, in view of the need to ensure the necessary fiscal restraints which are critical to the freeing-up of resources to support economic growth.

The Party should strengthen the powers of the Internal Affairs Commission to undertake its own investigations of any reports, rumours or suggestions of impropriety on the part of its members. There must be a slate of progressive sanctions to ensure compliance with the Partyís principles and objectives and its constitution.

The Party must institute frequent auditing of constituencies to ensure that the structure of the Party is maintained, as stated in its Constitution.

The question of individual membership should be revisited and pursued vigorously with clear criteria as to how delegates are to be chosen from this group.

Beyond all of that, however, there is an overwhelming responsibility that the Party must recognise and accept it primary role in promoting a social consensus in critical areas of social policy. The Party must accept this responsibility against the backdrop of a longer-term in public opinion, reflective of alienation from the political system in general and Party
politics in particular.

In turn, this imposes upon us a responsibility to ensure the observance of the highest standards of integrity and probity among all our cadres at all levels of the Party. It requires that we eschew petty partisanship and tribalism, and extend the hand of cooperation to all individuals and groups who share a patriotic commitment and embrace the objectives and
purposes of our Movement.

We must engage their collaboration not only by virtue of our openness, but also by virtue of the rigor of our analysis and the power of our ideas.

In essence, we must seek nothing less than reinvigoration and reconstruction under the new conditions of the patriotic fever and the broad social alliance that is dedicated to the upliftment of the poor and the establishment of economic growth and social justice in Jamaica.


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