21st Century Mission

The P. N . P. will foster and cultivate excellence in our people, in our Party, and in our Government. Where this calls for change, the PNP will lead and manage it. The P.N.P. stands for the positive transformation of our laws, economy, society, and culture.

Equally, the P.N.P. will aggressively preserve the best aspects of our constitutional and legal structure, social order, and cultural background.
We must conserve what is good.

It is the vision of a society, which is:

  • caring
  • proud
  • disciplined
  • safe
  • productive and technologically vibrant.

A society that is fair, one which embraces the highest possible ethical values.

This vision embraces:

  • the creation of a Jamaica with greater equity and justice;
  • placing priority on economic activities;
  • the improvement of the conditions of life;
  • the creation of an activist, accountable, and moral state.

This vision must lead us towards the quality society to which we are committed.

"This society will produce a Jamaica in which:

  • all citizens are given the opportunity to achieve excellence in their endeavors, and attain social mobility;
  • the government and every citizen place the greatest premium on being efficient in whatever we do;
  • economic growth and development can provide the jobs through which all can earn a livable wage;
  • social facilities are available to allow for communities with a clean environment and a caring people;
  • our democracy continues to develop and mature through its extension into communities and at the work place;
  • the State acts resolutely on behalf of the poor, the elderly and the disadvantaged;
  • there is public order, in which every citizen can feel safe;
  • every one has access to minimum health care;
  • every citizen feels empowered and participates in those decisions that affect their daily lives;

A Jamaica:

  • which is productive - equipped to earn its way in the global marketplace;
  • with an educational system and educational opportunities that equip our children to meet the needs of the technologically advanced world.
  • that provides justice for all."

                                                                                                   P. J. Patterson
                                                                                                                                           January 2000


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