Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell’s effective campaign strategy and subsequent hard work has seen the political fortunes of Eastern St. Andrew fluctuating in a positive way for the People’s National Party. 

Comrade Campbell, 47, became one of the young Members of Parliament when he upset the form book by winning the seat in 1993. Since then, the hard work of Campbell has seen him continuing to serve the people of the area and he insists that his work is far from over. 

Campbell was educated at St. Paul's Primary, Munro College, Calabar High School, and ITI, in Sydney, Australia. A Manchester man by birth, Campbell spent a short while in his home town of Mandeville, before moving on to the Molynes Road area of St. Andrew. 

A journalist and advertising executive before he entered politics, Campbell has served as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Technology and Minister of Information. 

An avid cricket fan who follows the fortunes of the West Indies team with keen interest, Campbell also loves a game of domino. 

Despite his hectic schedule of being the policy head of a ministry and finding time to see to the needs of his constituents, Campbell remains a faithful member of the Anglican Church. 

He insists upon continuing the work he started in Eastern St. Andrew in the areas of housing, road networks, infrastructure, telecommunications, education, community and commercial renewal and development.