Dean Peart
Dean Peart, like his brother and fellow Member of Parliament, Michael, is from a sound political bloodline that began in the 1950s when his father Ernest represented the People’s National Party as MP and Cabinet Minister. 

Having served in his most recent capacity as Minister of Labour and Social Security, Dean Peart, who seeks the people’s confidence in North West Manchester, is anxious to continue what he calls his work in progress. 

Younger brother of Michael, Dean, who was born on May 7, 1949 in Mandeville, has served his country at several levels, not only as Member of Parliament, but Councillor, and Mayor of Mandeville.  

He takes keen interest in the development of his constituency and this is evident in the achievements that have been already documented, among them the improvement of road networks, education and training, youth, sports, and community development initiatives. 

Married and the father of four, Dean Peart received his early education at Manchester Preparatory School, Mandeville Primary and Manchester High, before going on to better things at West Indies College, now Northern Caribbean University. 

Comrade Dean Peart's vision is for the creation of opportunities for the youth. This he believes will be achieved by expanding their educational opportunities, and reducing political tribalism.