Donald Colomathi

Donald Earle Colomathi is one of the 23 new candidates representing the Peopleís National Party in the upcoming general elections. But there is no lack of experience in this mechanical engineer, social worker and farmerís approach to solving problems of the people in East Central St. James. 

Succeeding former Speaker of the House of Representatives in East Central, Comrade Colomathi has already assisted in the implementation of many projects, having been involved in representational politics for 16 years. 

A member of the St. James Parish Council, Comrade Colomathi served as part of the team that effected improvement to various facets of life in the constituency. 

The rehabilitation of five miles of roadway from Kempshot to Springfield; the repair of three miles of roadway from John's Hall to Sign; the construction of a basic school at John's Hall; the improvement of Appleton Spring water supply system; and the construction of a bridge at Paisley are all fruits of his hard work. 

A devout servant of St. James, Comrade Colomathi was born on August 27, 1955 in John's Hall District. He is married with five children, and enjoys music, football, and socialising.  

He spent his childhood in John's Hall, and is one of six children.  

His resume speaks volumes about a hard, tireless worker, who has achieved under adverse conditions. 

He has been Vice President of the PNP Region Six group, Chairman of the Physical Planning, Development and Environmental committee of the St. James Parish Council, Coordinator of the PNP Youth Organisation rebuilding committee, member of the National Executive Council, Councillor for the Mt. Spring Division, member of the Regional Executive Council, Chairman of the Spring Mountain Division, President of the Johnís Hall Youth Club, Chairman of the St. James Early Childhood Parish Board, Justice of the Peace, and Chairman of the Mt. Olive Basic School.