Donald Rhodd
Dr. Rhodd was born on September 12, 1957, in Kingston. He is married with three children and spent his youth years in Port Antonio.

He attended the Port Antonio Primary, Titchfield High, the UWI, Central University, Superior Institute of Medical Sciences, and the Mona Institute of Business.  

Dr. Rhodd, an ophthalmologist, sees infrastructure investment as a prerequisite for human development. As such, his investment in social, physical, and economic services within the constituency has included repairs to several roads. 

As Member of Parliament since 1997, he was involved in the construction of bridges at Moore Town, Red Hassel Road, and New Road. The communities of Rose Gardens, Windsor Forest, and Zion Hill, are grateful for the setting up of water tanks in their areas, while the repairing of several schools, like the Port Antonio Infant, Ken Wright Primary, Rural Hill Primary, Moore Town Primary and Junior High, Happy Grove High, Titchfield High, has enabled this man of the East to gain the respect of thousands. 

Dr. Rhodd is encouraged also by the bountiful natural environment in the constituency and wants to develop more eco-tourism projects in the area.