Doreen Chen
Doreen Chen is committed to continuing her objective of providing a better quality of life for the people of South Trelawny and is confident that with the cooperation of all, that objective will be achieved. 

Born on September 16, 1949, in Askenish, Hanover, Mrs. Chen has already achieved many of the goals she set when her first term of office following her December 1997 electoral victory. Following in the footsteps of her late husband, who was slated to represent the People’s National Party in those elections before his untimely death, Doreen Chen remains devoted to the improvement of the lives of her constituents, and as such, has secured infrastructure development at all levels.  

Mother of five, four of whom are adopted, Mrs. Chen has so far played her part in the reconstruction of several roads in many areas of the constituency.

She has also implemented telephone services in several communities, built several community facilities, like the Trade Training Centre in Ulster Spring; installed computing facilities in several schools, among them Albert Town High, and Lowe River Junior High; put in several way-side tanks; and facilitated the Rural Electrification Programme to serve several communities. 

The businesswoman and farmer, who says she enjoys golf and tennis, has used the backing of her strong Anglican faith to comfort many people who from time to time sought emotional support. 

Having spent her childhood years in Askenish, Hanover, where she attended Askenish primary school, she later went to Russea’s high school and the Los Angeles Community College for further studies. But the Hanover-born hard worker felt compelled to take her knowledge outside the boundaries of her parish of birth in a quest to play her role in the island wide effort for overall nation-building.