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My way is the way of peace -- Patterson
EVERALD OWEN, Observer Portland correspondent
Wednesday, October 09, 2002




PEOPLE'S National Party (PNP) president PJ Patterson, countered the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) 'My Way' ad when he addressed party supporters at Manchioneal Square in Portland last Monday night.

"My way was through the opportunity of a scholarship and from that early age I said if I live long enough to make a contribution to my fellowmen, my way must be to make every child in Jamaica enjoy the opportunity of advancing themselves through educational upliftment," Patterson said.

Commenting on violence which has plagued the election campaign in recent weeks, Patterson said: "I have never quarrelled with anybody; have never given any orders for violence to be unleashed on people, neither by the security forces nor by my political supporters. No person in this country can ever say that this leader gave them one gun or one bullet to kill one person or to defend political violence. I never have and I never will."

The PNP stressed that he had worked very hard for peace and his way is one of peace.

"My way is a peaceful way, my way is a way of harmony. I believe in a Jamaica where all of us can live as one," continued Patterson. "I have never threatened the people of Jamaica with blood for blood, fire for fire and thunder for thunder. I have never and will never abuse the people of Jamaica".

Patterson, who said he has been called various names, declared that "what they don't know is that the more they abuse me is the more the people identify themselves with me".

On education, the PNP leader promised more places in schools for children.

"I will not stop until we have provided a basic school place for every child of five, because the sooner they can start to learn, the brighter they will be. I will not stop until I make sure that no classroom has more than 35 students to every teacher and I want to reduce it before my time is done to 30" He also said he wants a computer in every school and classroom of Jamaica.

Turning to some specific needs of Portland, Patterson promised to solve the drainage problem in the parish in the next term as the plans are already drawn. He warned those who are building their homes on river banks that this needs to stop as there is enough land for people through Operation Pride.

PNP, JLP withdraw ads

GENERATION 2000 (G2K), which is comprised of a group of young professionals aligned to the opposition, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), has withdrawn the 'My War' advertisement with immediate effect.

In a statement issued last night, G2K stated that while they were not in agreement with the request from political ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair to pull the offending ad, they would do so nonetheless.

G2K claims in its release that the advertisement, while unique, reflects what has been happening in Jamaica for the last 13 years.

The PNP, for its part, immediately withdrew two of its advertisements "West Kingston Story" and "Tom drunk but Tom nuh fool", in compliance with Blair's request.

PNP general secretary, Maxine Henry-Wilson said on Monday last, that although the PNP had not received the full details of the objections, it has decided to comply until the specifics were available.