Errol Ennis
Buoyed by the motto of his alma mater Kingston College, ‘The Brave May Fall But Never Yield’, Errol Ennis has learnt what it means to never give up when it comes to being the true, tireless and energetic servant of his people. 

Member of Parliament for West Portland since 1989, the businessman, economist and farmer, envisages that the development of West Portland must include improvement in cultural tourism and eco-tourism, thereby significantly reducing the unemployment problems that face constituents. 

Among the successful projects undertaken by Mr. Ennis are the expansion of several educational facilities, the establishment of several water systems; the expansion of housing opportunities; an extension of telephone services; the implementation of beautification programmes; and the betterment of several community and recreational facilities. 

Mr. Ennis, a former Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, was born on January 28, 1942, in Kingston.  

Before attending Kingston College, he received his early education at Windward Road all age, and later went on to Ealing Technical, Reading University in the United Kingdom and Harvard University in the United States. 

Married with five children, Mr. Ennis is committed to the Anglican faith. 

Errol Ennis knows fully well what it means to share whatever he has with others. Based on the assistance provided to needy students of West Portland and many others who cannot always fend for themselves, he is confident that having built a foundation, the process of constructing a better relationship with his constituents has been moving progressively.