Esmond Harris
High on the list of priorities of newcomers to representational politics, Dr. Esmond Vernal Patrick Harris is the development of Trelawny’s capital town, Falmouth, and its environs as a cultural and historical centre. 

The 47 year old medical doctor, who received his formal training at the University of the West Indies, the Patrice Lumumba Medical School in the former Soviet Union, and the Bengal Allen Medical Institute in India, is also keen on new techniques for farmers. This is to ensure greater viability of the farming community of North Trelawny, where he hopes to represent with distinction as he looks forward to a rewarding race in politics. 

Born on October 14, 1954 in Maroon Town, St. James, Dr. Harris hopes for his finest belated birthday gift from the electorate  victory.  

Service has been the hallmark of the life of this father of two, who began sharing his knowledge from age 13 when he headed the Maroon Town Youth Club. 

Before taking on higher studies, Dr. Harris, a Methodist, was off to a solid start at Maldon Primary and later Cornwall College in Montego Bay and also served as a laboratory analyst and laboratory technician. 

Patrick Harris, who enjoys farming and fishing, has already played a significant role in the development and advancement of community life by contributing to the construction of three schools, and making representation in regards to the distribution of potable water to several communities. 

He has also assisted in the expansion of electricity services to several areas and the upgrading of health and medical facilities.