21st Century Mission

" Socialism is not a rigid dogma. It is not embodied in any final biblical text. It is essentially a principle of social order (organisation) which has to be applied to the particular place where you are trying to apply it because it must depend on the particular conditions which obtain from time to time in that place."

N. W. Manley
Founder & Party President (1938-1969)
" It is our Party that has awakened in Jamaicans a fuller understanding of the meaning of social justice, of the meaning and implication of the idea of equality and the necessity for positive political action to translate these dreams into reality. With this understanding, we have formulated a clear set of principles and objectives which must serve as the guide for our actions."
Michael Manley
Party President (1969-1992)
The New Paradigm
" The changes that are occurring in our world and in our country are powerful and fundamental. They are here to stay. This means therefore, that our institutions, political systems and bureaucracy must either change quickly, or disintegrate and be swept away."
"We must change our approach to governance, or we will become part of the problem to be swept aside by the emerging new social order. This new social order requires participation where there is greater information sharing and communication - in a clear, honest way - on the process of policy formulation and decision making."
P.J. Patterson
Party President (1992-Present)

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