Glenville Shaw
Member of Parliament for South West St. Ann since 1997, Glenville Shaw, is a 61-year-old businessman.  Born December 2, 1939. He grew up in Green Hill, St. Ann and attended Charlton All Age School. He was an apprenticed cabinet maker at the age of 15. Later, he migrated to England where he attended the Brunswick Technical College and pursued general building and construction studies.  

The upgrading of the Alexandria Community Wellness Clinic, the establishment of a drug window for the elderly and an increase in rural electrification within the constituency are important developments sparked in the constituency by this Methodist and father of six.  

The installation of several community water tanks, upgrading and building several playing fields, renovation of the Cave Valley Police Barracks, and upgrading and repairing several schools, were later added to his list of achievements. 

He went a few steps further with an extensive road improvement programme, building a Postal Agency, and facilitated the preparation of lands for the construction of housing solutions. 

Comrade Shaw’s wish that he will continue to work closely with constituents to achieve strong and peaceful communities. This he thinks, will secure economic, social and cultural viability for the constituency.