Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown has shown unusual interest in the lives of the people of his community and in particular the constituents of North West St. James. 

His outstanding work is what commends him as the People’s national Party candidate to represent the people of NW St. James in the Parliament of Jamaica. 

His education and professional training commends him as a citizen of Jamaica and as a candidate of impressive credentials.  He attended some of the finest educational institutions in Jamaica, and did very well in each of them - Mona Preparatory, Campion College, Norman Manley Law School, and the University of the West Indies. 

Although still in his early thirties, he has built up an enviable reputation as an Attorney-at-law, specialising in commercial and real property law and estate planning.  

In addition, his community service marks him as an exceptional leader. He is Chairman of the Western Regional Health Authority, Co-ordinator of the St. James All Age Schools Cricket competition, Co-ordinator of the St. James Cricket Competition, member of the Kingston and St. Andrew Council, and Co-chairman of Finance for the constituency of East Kingston and Port Royal.

His zest for people, community, and country has indicated to the Party that the constituency of NW St. James will be on a progressive path under his stewardship.  

Although his time in the constituency has not been long, he has exemplified the right spirit and has demonstrated the right attitude, and employed the right strategy necessary for the transformation of the constituency into a place of shining vision realised. 

He is a member of the Anglican Church, an important feature of his personal life and the life of the community.