Hugh Solomon
Hugh A. Solomon, 44, has a record of public service and dedication to people that makes him an outstanding candidate for gaining a seat in the House of Representatives, as the People’s National Party candidate for the constituency of  West Central St. James. 

He has been Mayor of the City of Montego Bay, Chairman of the St. James Parish Council, a Parish Councillor, and in regard to his party, Member of the Region Six Executive Council, and National Executive Council Representative.  

In the west of the island, where his influence has been strongly felt, he grew up and gained his education at three outstanding institutions - Springfield All Age, Cornwall College, and Sam Sharpe Teacher's College.   

His mother, a teacher, had a tremendous influence on his life, and expected him to follow in her steps as a teacher. But he did not.. After completing college, instead, he opted for a career as a Life Underwriter, which he has found more personally rewarding, as he gives himself in a life of service to people.  

He enjoys Football and Track and Field athletics.  

He is a devoted father and husband. 

His unique talents have steered him into the people-oriented and service spheres. His diverse participation in his community showcases his interests, intent, and will.  

The People’s National Party is pleased to present him as a candidate, and is confident that he will continue to put people first, especially those of West Central St. James.