Current Affairs

Current Affairs




Highlights of the contribution to the sectoral debate by the Honourable Phillip Paulwell, MP, Minister of Commerce, Science and Technology

Wednesday, 2004 May 12


Office of the Registrar of Companies

1.      Passage of the Companies Bill 2004; establishing a framework for the modernization of corporate governance


Consumer affairs Commission


1.      94% (2,414 of 2,569) of complaints handled during the year were resolved

2.      Compensation of over $6.7 M, in addition to rebates, returns and exchanges was negotiated on behalf of aggrieved consumers.


Scientific Research Council

1.      Development of a National Biotechnology strategy for the Country

2.      The establishment of a regional center for the testing of genetically modified organisms in Jamaica.


1.      Number of phones per 100 inhabitants improved from 30% in 2000 to 80% in 2003, giving Jamaica the highest tele-density in the Caribbean and one of the highest in the World

2.      US$103.5 M paid by cellular providers for licences

3.      The telecommunications industry earned J$50 billion in 2003 with J48 billion being paid in GCT

4.      112-service provider and carrier licences were issued in 2003, increasing the number of telecoms licence holders to 392. These licences include 84 international voice service providers, 61 international carrier licences, 76 Internet service providers and 31 domestic voice service providers.

5.      95,000 internet accounts island wide

6.      There are 1.6 million cellular users and 500,000 landlines, which means that of the current population of 2.7M there are now 2.1 million active voice lines, a growth of 300,000 over last year

7.      US$ 23 Million to fund ICT Projects this year; 17 Million from the Inter American Development Bank and the rest from the Government


1.      40 post offices refurbished and equipped with commercial services

2.      New post office facilities completed  in Santa Cruz, March town, Clover Hill, Pear Tree Grove, Exchange and Cross Roads

3.      Revenue from commercial services increased by 300% and commercial services are now being offered in 80 post offices.

4.      Paymaster Jamaica Limited expanded its services to 57 post offices

5.      International Mail hub to be established at one of our international airports.

6.      Jamaica National Small Business Loans scheme now operates at 11 locations

7.      Post offices, now distributes PATH social benefit cheques to approximately 60,000 households covering 180,000 beneficiaries island wide.

8.      Mail Volumes increased by 27.7%


1.      Establishment of an Energy Efficiency Unit and a $70 Million Energy Efficiency Fund.

2.      The appointment an Energy Coordinators Committee to promote conservation

3.      Implementation of a 20 MW Wind farm in Manchester, at a cost of US$26 Million. This plant will be fully commissioned by the end of May.

4.      Over 220,000 compact fluorescent lamps distributed as of March 2004

5.      Research on commercial fuel wood production, through the demonstration project at Font Hill.

6.      Providing training on energy efficiency and conservation in schools

7.      Establishing a revolving Energy Trust Fund to wholesale loans for energy investments to residential and private sector users

8.      Developing a 1.2 MW hydropower project at Laughlands Great River, St. Ann

9.      Introduction of new legislation to make energy efficiency mandatory in the building code.

10. Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica to upgrade the capacity of the ethanol plant at Marcus Garvey Drive to forty million gallons per year

11. Island wide electricity capacity of  784 Mega Watts as compared to 517MW in 1989

12. Introduction of 20 MW Wind farm adding 5% capacity of Renewable energy

13. Today over 90% of homes have electricity island wide through the rural electrification programme. Only 16000 homes in deep rural Jamaica without electricity. These are to be connected to the grid in 3 years to give us 100% of homes with electricity

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