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News Release - The Patriots
Thursday, December 13, 2001


The Caucus of Young Professionals of the People's National Party, The Patriots, is appalled at the continuing efforts by the Opposition Leader and members of the Jamaica Labour Party to flagrantly disregard the laws of the land by showing contempt and disdain for the Commission of Enquiry.

The young Professionals in a statement today argued that it is a clear case that the JLP who had originally called for the enquiry has no interest in discovering the truth surrounding the events of July 7-10, 2001 in West Kingston. Instead, they have engaged themselves in a campaign to discredit and destroy the Commission by trampling upon the laws of Jamaica to satisfy political ends.

The group highlighted that the eviction today of Andre Franklin, President of the Youth Arm of the JLP, and the refusal of Derrick Smith to give evidence show an increasing trend within the JLP to bring the laws of the land in to disrepute.

Commenting on the charge by Mr. Seaga that his lawyers advised him not to give evidence to the Commission of Enquiry, the Patriots argued that this statement contradicts the statement made by his attorney, Patrick Atkinson, who in fact stated that it was Mr. Seaga who determined that he would not be testifying at the enquiry.

The Patriots demanded that in light of unchallenged testimonies before the Commission - not the least of which is the offer of "safe passage" to the state's Security forces by Mr. Seaga, and evidence given that he walked over bodies of policemen in West Kingston, that Mr. Seaga show respect for the law abiding citizens of Jamaica who want the truth to be revealed.

Keisha Livermore (Ms.)
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