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Delegates Select Candidate for West Rural St. Andrew
The Patriots
Thursday, December 13, 2001


A member of the Caucus of Young Professionals of the People's National Party, The Patriots, and Head of the Urban and Regional Planning Programme at the University of Technology, Dr. Carol Archer, was today selected by the delegates of West Rural St. Andrew to be the Peoples National Party candidate for that constituency in the upcoming General Elections.

Dr. Archer, 34, who served as a political advisor to New York Council member Una Clarke, holds a doctorate in Political Science and was also a recipient of both the Marcus Garvey Leadership award as well as the Walter Rodney Leadership and Humanitarian award.

In today's selection, Dr. Archer polled some 152 votes to 39 for Dr. Franklyn Davidson and 12 for Dr. Joslin Salmon. Though winning today's selection however, her candidacy must await confirmation from both the Party's Executive and the National Executive Council (NEC).

The selection had become necessary due to the decision by the incumbent Member of Parliament, Vernon Robinson, not to seek re-election in the upcoming General Elections.

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