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New anti-crime fight said 'on track'
Observer Reporter
Tuesday, December 17, 2002



A committee that provides advice on security issues, as part of the government's new anti-crime measures, was told at its first meeting yesterday that the anti-crime fight was "on track", a security ministry spokesman told the Observer.

National Security Minister Peter Phillips chaired the meeting of the Consultative Committee, whose formation he announced in Parliament earlier this month.

The committee provides advice on security issues related to the implementation of the National Crime Report and other anti-crime initiatives.

The committee's meeting was closed to the press, but spokesman Donovan Nelson said Police Commissioner Francis Forbes and other officials gave the committee a "status report" on the National Crime Report and "the current situation on the ground".

"They were told that the initiatives are on track," Nelson said. He added that the committee also discussed procedural issues related to its new mandate.

Among the committee's responsibilities are to make recommendations about improving police/community relations, and to work with the security ministry on adopting legislation and obtaining public support for more effective law enforcement.

The latest anti-crime effort, which Prime Minister P J Patterson announced on December 1, has seen military and police units entering inner-city areas to search for weapons to reduce the soaring crime rate. More than 1,000 Jamaicans have been murdered this year.