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PNP group demands apology from JLP MP
Observer Reporter
Tuesday, December 17, 2002


THE Patriots -- the caucus of young professionals of the ruling People's National Party (PNP) -- has condemned the disruption of a water ministry meeting last Thursday by supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party.

At the same time, the PNP group said the reluctance of the member of parliament, Shahine Robinson to control her supporters was unacceptable and disappointing.

"These occurrences must be condemned in the strongest manner and The Patriots calls upon the member of parliament, Mrs Shahine Robinson, to publicly express disapproval towards the action of her supporters and to offer an apology on their behalf to the National Water Commission, the citizens of St Ann and Trelawny and the members of the church at which the meeting was convened," the group said in a statement yesterday.

The Patriots also expressed disappointment with the police during the disturbance, which lead to a break-up of the meeting and the hurling of vicious verbal attacks on decent law-abiding citizens who came to participate in the consultations.

"As witnessed at the recent opening of Parliament, the increasing disruption of public events by unruly citizens begs for firm and decisive action on the part of the security forces, to uphold the law without fear or favour."