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Go back to school!
Ministry urges J'cans to upgrade skills, get new ones
Observer Reporter
Thursday, December 19, 2002


THE education ministry yesterday encouraged Jamaicans to go back to school in 2003 to upgrade their skills or acquire new ones.

"Back to School Jamaica" was first introduced in 1998, to increase public awareness of back-to-school issues and encourage preparedness among stakeholders.

Edwin Thomas, Information Officer in the ministry indicated that, "Education is an ongoing process and whatever educational qualification individuals have, they should constantly upgrade their skills in order to meet the changing demands of the workplace."

"There are several educational institutions where individuals can attend to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities, as the current marketplace is focused on hiring multi-skilled and knowledgeable workers," added Thomas. However, he cautioned that individuals must ensure that these institutions are registered and accredited by the education ministry.

The ministry has, in the meanwhile, encouraged private sector companies, communities, the media and religious groups to play a more active role in encouraging and supporting individuals to go back to school.