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$2-m sports complex for Norwood
MARK CUMMINGS, Observer staff reporter
Saturday, July 13, 2002

WESTERN BUREAU -- The community of Norwood in St James is expected to get a $2-million sports complex within the next two months.

According to project manager Peter Fung, the Norwood Sports Complex is being developed on lands reserved for a park at Section K, adjacent to Norwood Gardens.

He said the levelling of the land is being carried out by Black Brothers as part of its contribution to the development of sporting facilities for the community.

Black Brothers is presently carrying out infrastructural development work at Norwood, under the government's Operation PRIDE project.

"In the areas where we work we always like to leave our landmark, so we are doing the work at the complex which has a value of about $2 million," Fung explained.

He said the work, which began in May, involves the creation of a football field, netball and basketball playing areas.

Fung said that after the football field is completed, his company will install water supply, plant trees and fence the two-and-half-acre property.

"At the moment the project is about 50 per cent complete and we hope to hand it over by September," Fung added.

The project was initiated as a part of a beautification and community clean-up programme launched on Labour Day by the Community Organisation for Management and Development (COMAND) in collaboration with the Norwood Provident Society and the citizens of Section J, H and G.

Gordon Brown, the People's National Party (PNP) candidate for North-West St James, who is also secretary-general of the St James Sports Development Council, was successful in getting the assistance of Black Brothers in the continuation of the project.

The management of the complex will be carried out by a board drawn from members of the community, supported by a technical team of advisers.