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Party with the PM
published: Tuesday | January 7, 2003

By Nashauna Drummond, Staff Reporter


The Prime Minister ska-ing with members of the media at the annual media party held at Caymanas Golf Club on Saturday. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

THERE WERE no speeches, long or short, no formalities, just the constant tapping of feet as members of the media partied with the Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson, at his annual media fete held at the Caymanas Golf Club last Saturday evening.

The rains earlier did nothing to dampen the mood as people from the print and electronic media came out and 'shake a foot' they did!

After the Prime Minister made his rounds welcoming everyone (personally) and wishing them a Happy New Year, Fab Five got the party started at around 9 p.m.

The Prime Minister, Ambassador Madge Barrett, Minister of Social Security, Dr. Peter Phillips and Fae Ellington 'christened' the dance floor, jamming to songs such as Long Time and Down by the River. Ms. Ellington, always the life of the party, was having a ball; Dr. Phillips did a very good job of keeping up with her while the Prime Minister was just getting warmed up, taking it nice and easy.

Members of the media slowly 'warmed up to the floor' especially when the band changed the pace with Ragga Ragga. This had the PM back on the floor, and make no mistakes about it, he is a real party animal. The party animal in everyone soon emerged as the band continued with Good Buddy, The Plummer and Pussy Cat.

Just as everyone was 'getting down', the band again switched gear with Rocking Robbin. This trip into the past had everyone 'skanking' with various versions of the dance as some were definitely too young to have known those days.

After everyone had their fill of authentic Jamaican cuisine of jerk chicken, roast beef, fried bammy, ham, potato salad, roti and curry goat, along with a variety of fruits, they were ready to 'bust a sweat' with the band's rendition of Gimmie de light, Virtuous woman andOver come. When they began playing the Skatallites especially for the PM, who was once their manager, that was when he really got down and skanked away.

Among those partying with the media were; Minister of Tourism and Industry, Aloun N'Dombe Assamba; Minister of Education, Culture and Youth, Maxine Henry-Wilson; Special advisor and consultant to the Minister of Water and Housing, Arnold Bertram; Minister of Science, Technology and Commerce, Phillip Paulwell; Attorney-Gerneral, A.J Nicholson; and Senator Delano Franklin.