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Phillips to unveil crime plan Wednesday
Phillips determined to bring crime under control
Observer Reporter
Monday, January 14, 2002

FOUR months into his new job as national security minister and after spending near a month in consultations with various interest groups, Dr Peter Phillips will this Wednesday tell Jamaicans how he intends to rein in the country's seemingly uncontrollable crime rate.

"The minister will reveal his crime plan in a radio and television broadcast to the nation on Wednesday at 8:00 pm," a government source told the Observer yesterday.

According to the government spokesman, Phillips is expected to describe the narco threat facing the island and outline a "more than 10-point plan" covering a wide range of areas, but centring on strengthening Jamaica's border controls.

Phillips and his team apparently spent much of the weekend putting together his presentation and, according to our source, he appeared "determined and resolute that the crime problem must be brought under control".

The spokesman emphasised that the measures to be announced by Phillips will demand that citizens' human rights are not violated.

Last week at a function in Portmore, Phillips signalled his intention to wage a determined battle against crime using all the resources of the state.

"We are going to do this by establishing the principles that there is one law for all. And that no one... is above the law," Phillips said. "We can't guarantee victory tomorrow morning... or in six months or one year. But it is a battle which we will win and which we dare not lose if we are to fulfil our obligation to the future generations which look to us.

"So let those who beset us know, no matter how long it takes, no matter what resources it takes, Jamaica will again become a land of peace."

Phillips' crime plan will, no doubt, be the subject of debate at this morning's meeting of the Cabinet, given that the Patterson administration last week announced that the executive would this week dedicate its weekly meeting to finding solutions to the problem.

A total of 1,138 violent deaths were reported in Jamaica last year and, since the start of this year, 36 murders were reported up to last night, the police said.