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Gov't orders minimum wage review
Observer Reporter
Thursday, January 16, 2003


LABOUR and social security minister, Horace Dalley yesterday gave a March 31 deadline for the first of an annual review of the national minimum wage and minimum wage for industrial security guards.

The minister made the request following a meeting with the Jamaica Employers Federation and the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions and has subsequently formalised his order by sending a letter to the unions.

According to Dalley, the request is a proactive approach to preventing "massive increases and to minimise the effects on employers".

The national minimum wage is currently $1,800 and industrial security guards earn $70.70 per hour after being raised to those figures almost a year ago. Prior to that increase, the minimum wage workers would earn $1,200 and industrial security guards $50.50 per hour.

Last year, in addition to the raise, industrial security guards were also given a 50 per cent increase in laundry, firearm premium and dog handler's premium allowances.