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PM's bodyguard died from heart attack
Observer Reporter
Wednesday, January 02, 2002

POLICE Inspector Garth Dennis, who collapsed Sunday and died later in hospital, suffered a heart attack, according to the autopsy report.

Dennis, 52, a member of Prime Minister P J Patterson's security detail, was on duty at the prime minister's holiday retreat at Laughing Waters in St Ann, when he complained of feeling ill died while undergoing treatment at the St Ann's Bay Hospital.

The Constabulary Communications Network (CCN) said Monday that the autopsy report from the St Ann's Bay Hospital said that his "death was by myocardial infraction" (heart attack).

Dennis who reportedly suffered from diabetes and hypertension, was hospitalised earlier this year from complications associated with these conditions. The police inspector who served in the prime minister's security detail for the past nine years had been a member of the Jamaica Constabulary for more than 30 years.

Superintendent Hector Lewis, head of the Protective Services Division of the Jamaica Constabulary, said that Dennis who was hardworking and dedicated, had served the division since 1989 with distinction.
"Right as I speak members of the Protective Division are in a state of shock at having heard of his untimely passing. We're surely going to miss him," Lewis said.