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New Three Miles traffic system officially opened
Thursday, June 13, 2002
The Observer


Prime Minister P J Patterson turns on the lights to officially open the new signalised traffic system at Three Miles in Kingston, yesterday. At right is Bobby Pickersgill, transport and works minister, and beside him Portia Simpson Miller, tourism minister and member of parliament for the area. (Photo: Michael Gordon)

PRIME Minister P J Patterson yesterday officially opened the new $43-million signalised traffic system at Three Miles in Kingston, which replaced the roundabout that was blamed as a major contributor to traffic pile-up during peak hour traffic in that section of the city.

"A special feature of the new traffic system is the Light Emitting Diode (LED) traffic signals, which consumes 10-18 watts of power, compared to 100 watts used by the traditional incandescent lamps," Patterson said at the opening ceremony yesterday.

He said the new lamps were expected to last for 65 years before needing replacement. This is unlike other bulbs which require replacement every two or three months, he said.

The prime minister also said the traffic signals were the first to use battery back-up technology. "They will continue operating even when there is a disruption in the electricity supply," he noted. This, he said, was the aim for the other 167 traffic signals across Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Patterson congratulated the contractors -- Tankweld Construction Company Limited -- for finishing the project within the projected six-month timeframe.

The project saw the removal of the roundabout and its replacement with a four- way traffic light controlled intersection, the building of three lanes on the approach legs from Marcus Garvey Drive and Hagley Park Road and the construction of four lanes from Six Miles along Spanish Town Road. Two turning lanes have also been constructed onto Marcus Garvey Drive and the approach leg from Darling Street along Spanish Town road will have three lanes.

The new system, Patterson said, is expected to ease traffic congestion in the area.

It is estimated that over 45,000 motorists use the intersection daily.