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Simpson Miller warns Portmore residents of hard work ahead
Observer Reporter
Tuesday, May 06, 2003



SIMPSON MILLER... You must demand transparency at every level

MINISTER of Local Government Community Development and Sport Portia Simpson Miller has challenged Portmore residents to prepare themselves for the work ahead as they move towards gaining municipality status for their community.

The minister was addressing a large gathering of residents from some 60 communities in the area at the launch of Portmore Day, last Thursday.

She reminded residents that this new autonomy comes with major responsibilities. "Every step you make -- as you move towards gaining municipality status, with your own mayor and city council -- you will be watched with tremendous interest around the nation and around the region," she said.

"You must demand transparency at every level so that the people of Portmore can see that you are accountable for every cent collected in the community's coffers," she added.

Portmore Day also saw the launch of a community showcase exhibition that was staged by the Social Development Commission. The minister expressed delight at the talents of the residents and booth displays which included culinary items, community maps, clothing, craft items and artwork.

In touring the booths, Minister Simpson Miller congratulated the participants and organisers for their collaborative approach in showcasing their communities, noting that it was a fine example of what can be achieved if communities work together.

Gregory Park was selected as the community with the best display, Waterford was given second place and Independence City third.