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Phillips continues security consultations

Observer Reporter
Friday, November 16, 2001

National Security Minister Peter Phillips discusses a crime policy suggestion with members of the church community at one in his series of consultation meetings with interest groups.

Chapel. To the minister's immediate right is Gilbert Scott, permanent secretary-designate in the Ministry of National Security.

Phillips has also met with the police high command, human rights groups and the Jamaica Teachers Association. Today, he is scheduled to meet with media bosses and senior editors, one of his aides told the Observer yesterday.

The aide said Phillips has been doing a lot of listening at these consultations and "getting a menu of ideas of what to do" to tackle Jamaica's pressing crime problem.

"At the end of the exercise, he will put everything together and formulate a plan," the aide said.

The consultations are scheduled to end next week, but Phillips, the aide said, is planning to continue meeting with other members of the society, including residents of inner-city communities in urban and rural areas.