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Meet Deika Morrison, new Senate member

DEIKA MORRISON, economist and environmental scientist, will be the youngest woman in the Senate, when sittings resume.

The 30-year-old Campion College and University of Pennsylvania graduate was among two new Senators appointed last week by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson to Parliament's Upper House. The other is Delano Franklyn, the Prime Minister's Chief Advisor.

Ms. Morrison was also named by Mr. Patterson as one of two Ministers of State in the Finance and Planning Ministry.

Up to last Friday, she was the only woman named among the Government Senators, with only six of 13 places left to be filled. One other woman, Dorothy Lightbourne, sits in the Senate. She is an Opposition Senator.

Although only 30, Ms. Morrison has had years of experience under her belt working in the public sector. Between 1998 and 2000, while working for the National Water Commission, she developed a pilot project proposal for revenue collection in delinquent inner-city communities. She also initiated, structured and facilitated implementation of a water supply joint venture project and participated in the formulation of the Water Sector Policy.

Additionally, Ms. Morrison promoted and facilitated private sector participation in the water sector through interfacing with representatives of multi-lateral agencies, the private sector, public sector, the political directorate and community organisations.

She was Executive Assistant to Finance and Planning Minister Dr. Omar Davies from 1996 to 1997 and worked as an environmental scientist with the South Florida Water Management District, 1994-1995.

The newly-appointed Senator has served on the Board of the Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission and Union Bank Holding Company Limited as Director and Chairman of the Information Technology and Y2K sub-committees.

Her political activities include active participation in the People's National Party (PNP), as a member of the Outreach and Recruitment Commission and a member of the Executive Committee.

Her special interests include sovereign debt, venture capital financing, promotion of private sector participation in the public sector, inner-city community development, and motivating youth participation in national development and service.