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New PNP rules for local gov't candidates
Observer Reporter
Wednesday, November 20, 2002


THE ruling People's National Party yesterday issued a new set of criteria for candidates to represent the party in next year's local government elections.

"Emphasis is being placed on community mobilisation and leadership skills, ability to operate in the inclusive governance culture espoused by the party leader and prime minister, a satisfactory level of education and the ability to accept and be guided by the training required for the job," the party said in a statement last night.

It added that fundamental requirements included honesty and integrity, the absence of a criminal record and commitment to the giving of service.

"It is expected that all candidates will demonstrate that they possess initiative and the ability to manage both people and resources. They will be expected to organise working teams within the divisional structure and to bring in new participants from outside the mainstream of the party," said the statement.

It said already, a significant number of persons have been expressing interest in representing the party in the elections, but made it clear that all of the interested persons as well as incumbents who are offering themselves again will be processed using the same criteria.