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Political violence must stop now, says Shipping Association
Observer Reporter
Thursday, October 10, 2002

THE Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ) has come out strongly in condemning the "insidious growth of violence associated with the elections".

At its monthly board meeting yesterday, the directors of the association called on the political parties to clearly disassociate themselves from the election violence and to take control of their supporters. The SAJ directors said that "the political parties must stop the violence now."

The SAJ board also supported the warnings of political ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair that provocative advertisements must be removed from the media as they incite violence and ill-feeling between Jamaicans.

"They contribute nothing to educating us on the issues and how to cast our ballot," Grantley Stephenson, president of the SAJ said via a news release.

Stephenson, also asserted that: "As a people we need to understand that the eyes of the world are focused, even for a few short days, on Jamaica. In light of the current problems with shipping on the west coast ports of the USA, we should be seen as a haven of tranquility, an alternative destination for transshipment, not a killing field.

"The SAJ applauds the restraint and watchfulness of the security forces, and now it is left to the political leaders, existing and aspiring, to show good judgment, and a sense of national dignity. We are all Jamaicans before, during and after elections. So this violence must stop now," Stephenson emphasised.