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Patterson and Hanover ready for fourth term - Blythe
BY PETRE WILLIAMS Observer staff reporter
Monday, October 14, 2002


PJ Patterson

Western Bureau: People's National Party (PNP) vice-president, Karl Blythe on Saturday night last urged party supporters in Hanover to turn out in their numbers to vote on election day, saying it would be the opportunity to send Opposition leader Edward Seaga into retirement "once and for all".

"Elections, especially this one, is serious. Let the PNP win the fourth term... This is an important election. It is the election where the PNP, led by party leader P J Patterson is going to give this country a gift...," he told supporters gathered at the Lucea square in Hanover.
"We have a chance now to send him (Edward Seaga) once and for all into retirement. And I say on the 16th, let us say 'P J, the fourth term is yours'. Let us send Eddie into retirement."
At the same time Blythe, who is also chairman for the party's regions one and six that include Trelawny, St Ann, St James, Hanover and Westmoreland, challenged each supporter to take 20 other persons with them to vote for the PNP early on election day.

"Every single comrade must make a commitment to take out 20 other comrades on election day and bring them to the polling station by eight/nine o'clock because we don't know what kind of funny business they might do on the day," he said.
"If our general secretary (Senator Maxine Henry-Wilson) was here she would tell yuh we love the crowd, we love the orange but we have serious business on the ground. If it rains, if sun shines, we don't want yuh stay home."
He added that every vote was vital and reaffirmed the need for all supporters to exercise their franchise to secure victory for the PNP.