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What the PNP hopes to do in IT

Jamaica Gleaner
Wednesday, October 2, 2002


Makonnen Blake-Hannah (right), adviser to Commerce and Technology Minister Phillip Paulwell,
shares his knowledge in an aspect of computer technology. - File



OUR FIVE Year Strategic Information Technology Plan for Jamaica provides opportunities for advancing economic growth and creating high quality jobs in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. Under the Plan the ICT sector will be developed as:

The JLP's plan for information technology




1. Establish an Information Technology Authority reporting directly to the relevant Minister to plan and co-ordinate the development of the ICT industry in Jamaica within the public sector and to facilitate linkages with the private sector.

2. Conduct a comprehensive survey of the current status of ICT in the public and private sectors.

3. Create an Information Technology Officer (CIO) within each Ministry and other select government entities.

4. Conduct a comprehensive new legislation and legislative overhaul initiative to ensure that adequate and appropriate legislation exists covering areas such as digital signatures, privacy, protection of intellectual property.

5. Actively work toward establishing a national public IT network on a single standard which is competitively priced, utilises multiple sources, and has adequate penetration into the education system.

6. Attract joint ventures to build more information technology (IT) digiports to develop Jamaica as a leading IT operation.

7. Encourage the installation of broadband, high-speed Internet and wireless technology to attract a wide range of IT investments.

8. Promote wireless Internet technology to enable computer access to reach schools and rural homes institution as required.

9. Reorganise and rationalise the Creative Production and Training Centre (CPTC) to produce programmes for a public broadcasting service.

10. Promote broader reach of television broadcasting to reach the wider population.

11. Incorporate the Radio and Telegraph Control Act into the Telecommunications Act as part of the comprehensive regulatory framework.

12. Integrate the Spectrum Management Authority into the OUR with full responsibility for all spectrum and related matters.

13. Remove from the direction or control of the Minister those areas which now fall under his jurisdiction and which are regulatory in nature and not policy driven.

14. Expand the authority of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) to have jurisdiction over the Telecommunications Act.

15. Institute the International Computer Driving Licence Programme ('ICDL') through HEART to promote and encourage computer literacy for the majority of Jamaicans and raise the level of IT familiarity in Jamaica.