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Political reps say shooting must stop in Mountain View
Another meeting set for next week
Observer Reporter
Tuesday, October 22, 2002


THE People's National Party's Paul Burke and Desmond McKenzie of the Jamaica Labour Party are expected to meet again next week with residents of Mountain View Avenue and adjoining communities in a bid to bring an end to political violence in the area.

The two politicians met Sunday with the residents after a demonstrations along Mountain View Avenue and Jacques Road to protests against the number of shootings in the area.

"We all agreed that the intimidation (shooting) must stop and although we have not fixed a date for the meeting, it could not be held before next week," Burke said.

At the same time, Burke yesterday denied a report that he and McKenzie had agreed to meet with gunmen. "We had an inclusive meeting with all the stakeholders and some of them would be combatants alright, but we sent no invitations to any gunmen. There has never been a desire between Desmond and myself to hold any meeting with gunmen as a specific group," he told the Observer.

Burke is the chairman of Region 3 of the ruling PNP, while McKenzie is the JLP's councillor for the Tivoli Gardens Division in West Kingston.

Burke said the meeting with residents of Jarrett Lane, McGregor Gully, Jacques Road and Mountain View was held on a spontaneous request, adding that the discussions were meaningful and it was agreed to have a follow-up meeting to decide on the positives.