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PNP vice presidents hit campaign trail
Observer Reporter
Friday, October 04, 2002



THE governing People's National Party (PNP) is significantly intensifying its campaign in the run-up to the October 16 general elections.

The party's four vice presidents are to mount ground campaigns in various parts of the country simultaneously. The tours by vice presidents Portia Simpson Miller, Dr Peter Phillips, Dr Karl Blythe and Roger Clarke are in addition to the major tours being conducted at different locations across the country by party president, prime minister P J Patterson.

Today, Patterson tours sections of West Central, East Central, North East and North West St Catherine culminating in a public meeting in Linstead.

While the PNP president is touring St Catherine, Dr Blythe tours Western Hanover and will be the main speaker at a public meeting at Kendal in the parish.

Tomorrow, vice president Simpson Miller will tour North West and East Central St. James. Dr Peter Phillips will be in South East St Elizabeth, while Dr Blythe visits North Trelawny and vice president Roger Clarke campaigns in West Portland.

In a statement from its PNP campaign office yesterday, campaign manager and PNP general secretary, Maxine Henry-Wilson said the deployment of the party's vice presidents as of yesterday, will take the PNP's campaign into designated communities and parishes in a series of public meetings and tours.

The new round of ground campaigns is designed to take the PNP's solid achievements and manifesto issues to voters across the country.

"The PNP vice presidents will use this new phase of our party's election 2002 campaign to further mobilise the nation around the key planks of our manifesto as we seek another term to continue the progress in improving the quality of life for all," Henry-Wilson said.

The PNP's general secretary says that the party's achievements in education, training, youth, land, housing and infrastructure, transport and roads will be highlighted during the campaign along with the PNP's plans for the economy, the creation of more jobs and the securing of the nation by reducing crime. The party leaders are also expected to speak to the matter of justice, social security, women and the disabled, among other issues.