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PM calls for discipline during election campaign
Observer Reporter
Saturday, September 14, 2002



Prime Minister P J Patterson addresses a meeting of his ruling People's National Party in Cross Roads, Kingston on Wednesday.

PRIME Minister P J Patterson on Wednesday night appealed to supporters of his ruling People's National Party to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner in the run up to the upcoming general election.

"This election we will be a disciplined one, we are going to have a clean and orderly campaign one that will unite the nation not one that can divide the nation," Patterson told supporters at a rally and presentation of candidates for Region Three, at Cross Roads in Kingston.

Recently, at a PNP rally in Four Paths, Clarendon, some 'comrades' violated the Political Code of Conduct when a green makeshift coffin with the words 'Pampers, Seaga Baby Dead' was taken on the stage. The PNP subsequently apologised to JLP leader Edward Seaga and his wife, Carla,

Patterson, at the same time, attacked the JLP performance in government, saying that the 1980s was an era of unfulfilled promises.

"The PNP are not forgetful people, in the 1980's they [JLP] said they would make money jingle in your pocket, but they caused us to suck salt from wooden spoon. Remember in the 1980s everyday price go up [but] thanks to Omar Davis -- minister of finance --we have price control under heavy manners."

"They said that they would build 6,000 houses but because of the IMF they were put under heavy manners and couldn't build any. We were able to rid ourselves from the IMF.... and we were able to build 70,000 houses," Patterson told cheering supporters.

And Patterson continued to play the guessing game concerning the date of the next election, due by December.

"Green is the colour before the fruit is ripe, when is ripe it turns orange as I travel through the regions I see he fruit is getting ripe for the picking and don't want the fruit to get too ripe," quipped Patterson.