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PNP to retain seat by landslide

By Anthony Myers, Contributor
Jamaica Gleaner
Wednesday, September 25, 2002

K.D. Knight and Raymoth Notice

K.D. Knight (PNP), the incumbent MP, is confidently expected to win in St. Catherine East Central in the upcoming general election by yet another landslide.

By the Constituencies (Boundaries) Order 1976 made by the Governor-General under Section 67 of the Constitution of Jamaica and which came into effect on November 24, 1976, the number of constituencies was increased from 53 to 60. St. Catherine East Central was among the newly-created constituencies as the number of seats in the parish increased from five to seven.

Of the five contested general elections in St. Catherine East Central the PNP won four times - 1976, 1989, 1993 and 1997 - to the JLP's one - in 1980. The JLP by polling 7,961 (A.W. Campbell), to the PNP's 6,227 (Ferdie Neita), won by a comfortable margin of 1,734. All four PNP victories have been by massive majorities, 3,508 in 1976, 4,674 in 1989, 4,707 in 1993 and 4,121 in 1997.

With a mere increase in the number of electors over the 1997 voters' list, the incumbent K.D. Knight is confidently expected to win by yet another landslide. His opponent Dr. Raymoth Notice of the JLP.

Anthony Myers is a statistician and political analyst who has done work for the Electoral Office of Jamaica and for the People's National Party.



2002 E/L 19,898

A/B 12,536 (63.0%)

PNP 8,286 (66.1%)

JLP 4,250 (33.9%) Majority

(PNP) 4,036