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Security forces, election day workers to vote Oct 12
19,000 on voters' list
Observer Reporter
Wednesday, September 25, 2002



APPROXIMATELY 19,000 members of the security forces and election day workers are expected to cast their ballots on Saturday, October 12, and not October 14 as reported by yesterday's Daily Observer.

Director of Elections Danville Walker made the correction yesterday morning at a planned meeting with Observer reporters and editors at the newspaper's Fagan Avenue head office in Kingston.

According to Walker, of the 19,000 persons on the voters' list, 11,000 are election day workers who are, for the first time, being allowed to vote ahead of the election, following an amendment to the Representation of the People's Act.

Yesterday, Walker's office issued a statement saying that preparations for the casting of ballots by the police, soldiers and election day workers were on schedule and that a list of the polling stations would be made public in due course.

Walker also made it clear yesterday that members of the security forces, as well as election day workers who don't vote on October 12 will not be able to do so on election day, October 16, because the system of elimination will remove their names from the list.

The elections, the director said, will cost the Electoral Office between $350 million and $380 million.