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The PNP's shelter proposals

Jamaica Gleaner
Thursday, September 26, 2002

THE PNP has distinguished itself for having provided the most housing solutions to the greatest number of Jamaicans. Building on this solid foundation, the People's National Party will in the next term:

National is not simply a social benefit. It is an economic investment by homeowners, an investment that has a major impact on improving living standards and increasing productivity.

The PNP is proud of its achievement in significantly improving the quality of housing during the past decade, as reflected in the Housing Quality Index.


A major aspect of housing and other infrastructure development will be an initiative to breathe new life into our urban centres and inner-cities. This will include a number of projects such as:

This Programme is complemented by the Urban Renewal (Tax Relief) Act, which provides special economic incentives to investors in the Kingston Metropolitan Area. We will:


In order to achieve sustained economic growth and consequently job creation, it is necessary to focus on those sectors that have the best possibilities for generating sustainable investment and export-related growth. In this regard, we will pursue an integrated Tourism Development Programme to add value to our abundant resources and build on Jamaica's comparative advantage.

Our development programme for the sector is geared towards moving the tourism product from a narrow focus on sun, sea and sand to the promotion of islandwide activity that offers a diversity of accommodation and novel, fulfilling visitor experiences.

Jamaica is blessed with a most extraordinary combination of a beautiful and natural environment, and a talented and vibrant people who have demonstrated their ability to create unique and powerful expressions of their rich, dynamic culture.

The PNP believes that our future economic development is inextricably linked to our ability to harness and develop these gifts and to package and promote them in a manner that maximises their inherent economic potential, while maintaining their integrity.

Our natural, cultural and built heritage, provide a major source of pride for nationals and form the basis for diverse economic activity.