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PNP wants ombudsman to investigate Higgins Land attack
Jamaica Gleaner
Monday, September 30, 2002



HENRY-WILSON. wants full investigation

The ruling People's National party has asked the political ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair to investigate incidents in which its supporters were attacked at Higgins Land in South East St Ann last Wednesday.

A statement from the party said the attack resulted in injury to one supporter, while a house was burnt.
The party's general secretary, Maxine Henry-Wilson said she had written to Blair, after a report on the incident was submitted by the party's candidate, Aloun Assamba.

Henry-Wilson told Blair that she had received reports that Assamba's supporters were attacked, resulting to injury to one, during a tour of the constituency. She also charged that a PNP supporter was threatened that he would be burnt out, a threat which she said was later carried out.
Henry-Wilson has asked for a full investigation and a ruling on the matter, since the actions were in breach of rules 1a, b, c; 2 and 3 of Appendix 1 of the political Code of Conduct.