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Hylton names pastor as new campaign manager
Observer Reporter
Thursday, September 05, 2002



HYLTON... PNP representative for Western St Thomas

ANTHONY Hylton, the ruling People's National Party representative for Western St Thomas, on Tuesday named St Thomas pastor, Rev Franklyn Sephestine as his new campaign manager.

Sephestine replaced Heather Robinson who resigned recently after she was allegedly shown a firearm by a member of the constituency.

A statement's from Hylton's office said Rev Sephestine, who volunteered to take up the job, has worked with Hylton before and has always admired his tireless work to develop the constituency of Western St Thomas ,and was said to be happy to join his campaign team.

Meanwhile, the statement said the new campaign manager has joined Hylton's call for the police to ensure that the political campaign in West St Thomas is free from fear and that people, of whatever political persuasion, are allowed to express their views freely and without threat of reprisals.

Rev Sephestine, according to the statement, has also supported Hylton's call for Political Ombudsman Bishop Herro Blair to closely monitor the events in the constituency and to sanction in the most severe way, anyone who breaks the political code of conduct.

Rev Sephestine, 54, is a local director of Bethesda Missionary Society in Morant Bay and served as head of the Bible and Trade School in Manchester from 1975-1981.

His work in the church has taken him to West Africa in Ghana where he led a church mission in 1971-1975. He also led a church mission to Paramaribo in Suriname in 1967-1971. In addition, he did church work in Belize, Guyana and Haiti.

Rev Sephestine contested the Eastern St Thomas seat in 1989 for the PNP and is a member of the party's national executive council (NEC).

Sephestine is married and is the father of four children.