Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Edwards is not merely an ideal example of a die-hard People’s National Party supporter. She epitomises hard work and devotion to the people of South West St. Catherine. 

Comrade Edwards, the mother of an adult son, has achieved greatly in the five years that she has been Member of Parliament for South West St. Catherine. However, the added chore of being a mother figure to several youngsters, has marked her for even greater success.   

Born in Kingston, Comrade Edwards, now an administrator by profession, got her early education at Whitehall School, Walsall and Staffordshire High in England. Later, she attended the University of the West Indies, where she attained a Bachelor of Science degree with honours. At present she is pursuing a Master of Science degree.  

Apart from implementing new telephone services, improving and building schools, expanding the rural electrification programme and the street lighting programme, among other areas of development within the constituency, Comrade Edwards sees the need for even greater development and is committed to the overall improvement of South West St. Catherine over the next five years and beyond.  

As an astute member and activist of the PNP Women’s Movement, Comrade Edwards has served her community, country, and party with the highest calibre of excellence.  

She has been Secretary of the Church Pen Divisional Executive, Chairman of the Carib Group, Councillor of the Sydenham Division of the St. Catherine Parish Council, Chairman of the Sydenham Division Executive, Political Education Officer for South West St. Catherine, Enumeration Officer for SW St. Catherine, Constituency Secretary for South West St. Catherine, Chairman of South West St. Catherine, Region Four secretary, member of the PNP Executive Committee, member of the National Executive Council, Vice President of the PNP Women’s Movement, Secretary/ Organiser of the PNP Women’s Movement, among others.